akéreon Business & Information Technology Consulting

  • Establish and manage the information and communication technology team and infrastructure for large to medium sized companies.
  • Leverage IT for business results.
  • Business and IT project management. IT strategy. IT coaching. IT governance policies and procedures. IT performance and measures.
  • Organizational and business processes consulting. Deployment of computer aided facilities management systems (i.e. Coswin),
  • ERP systems (SAP, Navision).
  • Large computer and network infrastructure management (i200 +users) for environments spanning in multiple and remote physical locations (10+ locations)
  • Programme management for development, requirements management, quality & assurance and new products deployment for small-medium software development teams
  • Management consulting: Organisational clarity, job effectiveness



akéreon consultants delivering results for clients

Charis Nassis
Business and information technology consultant. He helps companies to leverage information technology for business results. He is also involved in project management and organizational effectiveness assignments. IT director for multinational company. Management consultant, organizational effectiveness and development. Managing director for the telecom company of the international ship-owners organization. IT consultant for large construction and facility management multinational company. Program director for large and medium size IT and business projects.
MIT Msc, Management of Technology.

Dionissis Mouzakis
Business and information technology consultant. IT director for multinational ferry operator. Senior analyst for large and medium application development projects. Deployment project manager (i.e. large PC base 600+ computers). ERP (SAP-Navision) system administration both for many users (i.e. 100+) and a small user base (i.e. 10 users). Database administration and support of mission critical systems.
ISO 27000:2005 Information Se
curity Management Systems Lead Auditor, British Standards Institution (BSI) accredited.

Tassos Alexiou
Information Technology consultant. Experienced IT manager for a large media group. Guidance and support on how to best take advantage of information technology. Identify and satisfy IT needs in coordination with your corporate plans.

John Sardelis
IT support consultant, MS Windows support specialist. Ensures that end users are enabled to carry out their roles. Certified in administering and supporting MS windows systems.
Diploma in computer studies.

George Rodios
IT support consultant. Experienced with software and hardware helpdesk. Ensures that end users are enabled to carry out their roles.
Pantion University, Economics and public administration.

Giorgos Kintonis
IT support consultant. Experienced with customer support, certified system and mail administrator. Ensures that end users are enabled to carry out their roles.
Certificate in special application informatics with multimedia - Institute of vocational training
Studying Computer science at the Hellenic Open University.

George Giannos
IT support consultant. Experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Ensures that end users are enabled to carry out their roles.
Technological Educational Institute of Lamia, Information Technology.

Maria Christopoulou
Maritime Business Development Expert with SAAS experience. Maria has been servicing the shipping industry through core projects of international companies. She has undertaken roles such as new business development and marketing & press office management. Sectors of engagement: Dry-Docks & Spare Parts with targeted focus during the last years on the E-Navigation Compliance & Performance Artificial Intelligence.
Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Economics,  Panteion University.

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