Angelicoussis Shipping Group is using akereon email services for company and vessel communication systems

"Akereon is offering a great service and a competent helpdesk specialized in the shipping industry"

Angelicoussis Shipping Group Limited ("ASGL") has a well-established track record in shipping dating back to 1947.  
ASGL's fleet now comprises bulk carriers, tankers and LNG vessels. Today it employs a staff of approximately 300 shoreside professionals as well as over 3,700 officers and crew.
Anangel Maritime, Maran Tankers Management ("MTM") and Maran Gas Maritime Inc. ("MGM") are part of the Angelicoussis Shipping Group.

Angelicoussis Shipping Group is using akéreon email services to smoothly integrate various company and vessel communication systems, to send and receive several thousand messages per day.

“We use some hundreds of mailboxes and our company/vessel users depend heavily on the reliability and top quality of our email infrastructure. Akereon is offering a great service and a competent helpdesk specialized in the shipping industry. They are easy to work with, friendly and attend rapidly to prevent possible issues that might affect the excellent uptime we enjoy with our systems” says Costas Xenos, ICT Director at Angelicoussis Group.

Email Services used by customer:
•    Outgoing Email for shipping
     The managed email service takes care that all emails reach their destination, not marked as spam or end up as undelivered messages.
•    Antispam and antivirus for shipping
     Email protection service dedicated to shipping; Filters all spam and malicious messages and makes sure that you will not miss any useful messages i.e. from shipping companies.
•   Email Continuity - Always on
    Keeps you connected to your emails continuously even if your office server is down. Ability to retain messages for a long time. Embedded disaster recovery service.
•   Domain and email hosting
    Rich email functionally including Web-Maill, auto-forwarding, auto-reply and email filtering; ability to reach your emails from any email platform or device.
•   Email Flow Monitoring
    Email system health check online and around the clock. Easy to use, online email monitoring system that lets you know immediately about email problems. End to end test for your email system health. Monitors performance and response time of your email systems.

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