Effective support for an extremely stable and fast email service

Attended email services, stability and speed,
allow shipbrokers to focus on their business.
“akereon offers email services with meaningful support, fast and stable”


ACF Shipbroking Co. S.A. is an independent Company dealing with trading, chartering and projects. The ship broking team is a blend of young, energetic and solvent people with considerable experience within the shipping industry, working in a highly sophisticated environment framed up with a 24 hours access office network, 7 days a week. ACF’s main scope is the tailor made service in accordance with customers expectations and needs.

ACF Shipbroking is using akereon email services to send and receive several thousand messages per day, of company, department and professional personal emails.

Users from ACF say: "We enjoy attended email services, extremely stable and fast. Akereon helpdesk takes care of all the issues and makes sure that every email reaches its destination. Shipbrokers must not have to deal with the complexities of email but with the messages per se".


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