Navarone changes email provider and selects akéreon email services for shipping
"Akéreon has proven a reliable and knowledgeable partner, willing to go the extra mile"

With more than 40 years of experience and expertise NAVARONE S.A. is well known to the Shipping Industry and enjoys a high reputation amongst fellow companies for its strong integrity and professionalism. The company’s core objective remains the prudent, professional and based on highest HSQE standards management, aiming firstly at seamen’ safety, strict compliance with all international rules and regulations and great emphasis to environmental aspects. As a consequence of its contribution to an extensive New Build program over the last years, Navarone has established itself as one of the key players of the international Bulk Carriers market.

Navarone is using akéreon email services for shipping: email/domain hosting, email protection and the outgoing email service. The company has upgraded to premium email services since all email services are not alike and email for shipping is different. The akéreon premium email services provide professional helpdesk experienced in shipping for assistance with every single message delivery and access to online self-service tools. The unique security features that take into account current maritime email traffic to sanitize malicious messages, protect from email abuse, message fraud, report on suspicious use of Navarone’s email.

"Email delivery is a multi-path procedure prone to multi-factor errors. Akéreon has proven a reliable and knowledgeable partner, willing to go the extra mile." says Mr. Costas Sakellakos Chief Information Technology Manager at Navarone S.A..

Email Services used by customer:

•   Antispam and antivirus for shipping
    Email protection service dedicated to shipping; Filters all spam and malicious messages and makes sure that you will not miss any useful messages i.e. from shipping companies.
•   Domain and email hosting
    Rich email functionally including Web-Maill, auto-forwarding, auto-reply and email filtering; ability to reach your emails from any email platform or device.
•   Outgoing Email for shipping
    The managed email service takes care that all emails reach their destination, not marked as spam or end up as undelivered messages.

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