Cloud Backup

Hands-on assistance to setup and initiate your backup
Store and secure your day to day business data
off site to a cloud infrastructure

Business Benefits:

  • Our cloud backup helpdesk will assist you with your specific implementation.
    • Work with you for the initial backup upload.
    • Guide you on the best practices and methods for your backups.
    • How to establish a sensible backup/restore strategy to secure your data.
    • Consult you about the what, how, when for onsite or offsite backups.
    • Avoid performance penalties that may affect users.
  • The Cloud Backup service is an uninterrupted service, accessible via any kind of internet connection.
    You are able to access your data through:
    • Windows mapped drive, SMB share
    • FTP and FTPS
    • SFTP / SCP with the option of using ssh keys
    • SAMBA / CIFS
    • WebDAV
  • Multiple sub-accounts to segment your backup data.
  • Available for backup storage size from 1TB to 20TB.

Technical Specifications:

  • Data center hosted, backup service with ultra high speed internet connection at 1000 MBit.
  • 24 hours per day, security, continuity and availability provided by the data center. Redundant UPS facilities, diesel power generator, many redundant internet connections, connected directly to the Internet Exchange, climate control, and physical security.
  • Data Center Park is using energy-efficient hardware and green energy from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower.
  • Over 99% availability


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