Managed cloud server dedicated to your company

Your cloud maritime messaging system, email server, Linux
Windows/Terminal server or dedicated application server.


Business Benefits:

  • Secure dedicated server for your company. You do not have to share the same server with hundreds of companies and home users.
  • Managed service that enables your organization to host your Linux or Windows, as your primary server or as a fault tolerance solution. No technical attendance or expertise is required on your part.
  • We undertake Linux or Windows system installation according to best practices for performance /security and your application provider.
  • We assist you to migrate your existing server, cooperate with your application provider for a smooth migration.
  • Enables you to minimize your capex with minimal infrastructure costs, improved manageability and less maintenance.
  • Perfect mix and match with all akereon email services.
  • 24 hours of monitoring that may include application connectivity and availability, email notifications via the akereon infrastructure monitoring system.
  • Restoration services: Backup/restore, server start/stop/reboot/hardware reset. Full server replacement within a couple of work days.

Technical Specifications:

  • Data center hosted, dedicated with ultra-high speed internet connection at 1000 Mbit.
  • 24 hours per day, security, continuity and availability provided by the data center. Redundant UPS facilities, diesel power generator, many redundant internet connections, connected directly to the Internet Exchange, climate control, and physical security.
  • Data Center Park is using energy-efficient hardware and green energy from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower.
  • Over 99% availability


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