Email Continuity - Always on

Email is a critical tool for your business and you need a plan
to keep it up and running no matter what.


Business Benefits:

  • Send and receive emails even if your on-site email server is out of order, power, internet. Email is always on.
  • Once your email server is operational again, emails are automatically delivered.
  • Retain a copy of all your incoming, outgoing and deleted messages for legal reasons  and backup on-site. Email archiving at the cloud for short/long term period (optional).
  • Can be integrated to your disaster recovery and business continuity plan.
  • Fast and reliable protection. Installation and use with the day. Compatible with all mail servers (MS Exchange, Lotus Notes etc) and shipping/maritime message management systems.
  • Effective antispam and antivirus protection from unsolicited mail as advertisements and malicious messages. Multiple technologies work in sync to block known viruses and spam.
  • Spam and virus recognition before they enter in your Company and network. Spam mails are grouped. Save time with easy automated filling.
  • No hardware or software required nor specialized personnel. No changes needed to your mail server. Hosted service.

Technical Specifications:

  • 24 hours per day, security, continuity and availability provided by the data center. Redundant UPS facilities, diesel power generator, many redundant internet connections, connected directly to the Internet Exchange, climate control, and physical security.
  • Data Center Park is using energy-efficient hardware and green energy from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower.
  • Over 99% availability.

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