IP Blacklist for VPN brute-force attacks

Our blacklist service is a collection of IP addresses that are known to be harmful or suspicious. These IPs are detected by our own firewalls and VPN servers that monitor and log all the traffic and brute force login attempts. We update our list daily with the latest information and share it with our clients who want to use it with their own devices. The list holds 15-20K IP addresses.

The datafeed for the list is available for free, following a request via contact us. You can add it as an external dynamic list (i.e. threat feed, URL table of IP's) to your firewall or VPN server and let it block or alert you of any traffic from these IPs. This way, you can enhance your cybersecurity and prevent potential attacks from known sources.

Key benefits for using our blacklist service:

  • You can benefit from the collective experience of other firewall or VPN users in the maritime sector who face similar threats and challenges as you.
  • Reliable, maintained by professionals. We collect accurate data related to malicious attacks and VPN login attempts from our cloud and on-site services. Our email services handle about 3 milliion maritime emails  per day.
  • You can save yourself some time and trouble by not having to update your own blacklist manually or find reliable sources of information.

Our blacklist service is compatible with all firewalls and VPN servers that support external dynamic lists available via a secure URL. Some examples of devices where you can use our VPN blacklist are Fortigate, pfSense, Cisco ASA, etc.

If you have any questions or issues about our blacklist service, you can always contact us for support. We are happy to help you and provide you with the best service possible.