IT Support

Small and medium sized companies face the same challenges as larger enterprises but in a smaller scale.
It may require shorter time to manage accounting or information technology functions in a small-medium sized company but nevertheless these tasks deserve to be performed in the best possible way.
Although it is not required from smaller companies to allocate the same resources as larger enterprises, the need for professional management and support of information and communication technology is essential.
akéreon is a business and information technology consulting company with the experience and expertise to leverage IT for business results.

akéreon consultants work with large and medium sized companies offering access to the knowledge base of IT management, best of breed solutions, selection and deployment, clarity and quality to IT investments and business processes, measurable business improvements.

akéreon support services establish a proactive and trouble-free information technology environment that will allow users to focus on their business.  I.T. support for users includes dealing with potential problems and the best way to use technology in your business.  
The cost of IT support services is fixed and depends only on the number of the users in your company ; costs do not increase along with the time spent for supporting the IT infrastructure of your company. The akereon support team is engaged to provide high quality support services to maritime companies, offering several ways of communicating with the end users, providing a wide spectrum of solutions for potential issues raised and adding value to the business of the final customers by ensuring problem free IT, every single day. akéreon is vendor agnostic and will cooperate with the suppliers of your preference being completely objective on the choice of the infrastructure required by a company. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free assessment and a cost estimation for your company IT needs.

Information Technology Management & Support Services for SME cover:

  • Guidance and business support, on how to best take advantage of information technology.
  • Desktops, laptops, office automation applications, security and antivirus.
  • “Always on” access to email, files, Internet, company applications and systems.
  • Servers, networks and systems availability, backup and restoration.
  • Install and deploy sensible and hassle-free IT company policies.
  • Manage your information technology vendors for better results and lower costs.
  • Consulting on technology investments, future steps and manage your information technology and communication projects.