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Akaylar is one of the Shipowners & Shipbrokers company in Istanbul, Turkey Since 1968.   Focusing in Shipowning & Shipbrokering mainly range of vessel capacities between Coaster to   Handy size with the experienced management standards and skills activities under name of   Akaylar Shipping.

The core activities of the Akaylar Shipping are: Worldwide transportation of steel products, dry cargoes and the movement of project cargoes with their own vessels or giving a competitive Shipbrokering service up to Handy size vessels. At the present company have two coaster vessels which one is 4200 Dwt 1993 Built General Cargo vessel mv Akaylar II other one is 5727 Dwt 2007 Built MPP-General Cargo vessel mv Ali Akay are managing in their company. They are working in spot market and work directly with several Foreign and Turkish Charterers fixing their cargoes with their own vessel and giving Shipbrokering service to them. Their vessels and cargoes market trade in mainly Black sea, Med, Continent, West Africa.

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